Is there a “best” credit card at all?

The Best Credit Card – Do They Exist?

The Best Credit Card - Do They Exist?
Consumers who are looking for a credit card are inundated with offers. First there is the bank. If it is a branch bank or savings bank, they naturally want to bring their chargeable credit cards to the man or woman. On closer inspection, however, the question arises as to what justifies the fees.

The situation with direct banks with their free checking accounts is somewhat different. These usually include a toll-free credit card. But there are also differences here.

Do you travel a lot abroad?

Do you travel a lot abroad?
If you answer this question in the affirmative, you should not only make sure that there are no fees for the card, but also that you can make unlimited free cash withdrawals worldwide. The answer to the question about the best credit card cannot be clear. If you spend a lot of time abroad, you will probably fly a lot.

In this case, bonus miles that he can collect with some credit cards relativize the annual fee for these products. The same applies to frequent drivers. The field worker is helped more with a card that enables discounts at the petrol pump than with a card that offers him exclusive admission to cultural events. It applies to the majority of consumers that their plastic money helps to save as much as possible.

The daily shopping bonus

The daily shopping bonus

Credit cards with cashback programs are becoming increasingly popular. Since these are now accepted by many retail outlets, attractive bonuses can be achieved. The best thing about it is that cardholders can have their points paid out in cash, or pay with points when shopping.

The comparison shows how different the design of the large number of available credit cards is. Roughly formulated, there is something for everyone so that every cardholder can find the best credit card for themselves. The comparison shows something else.

Insert free credit cards – the right one for every occasion

Insert free credit cards - the right one for every occasion
Free credit cards have an advantage: Even if you only need them once a year, for example for a holiday trip, there are no fees. So what speaks against not only carrying a plastic card in your wallet, but the right one for every occasion. The card to save money at the petrol station, the card to score points for your daily shopping and the card that enables you to withdraw cash free of charge from the ATM anytime, anywhere.

Granted, the wallet is getting a bit fuller, but it pays off at the end of the day. In any case, the cards of the branch banks and savings banks fail a credit card test.