What is the credit payment schedule in a CCMI?

When the Individual Houses Construction Contract (CCMI) is signed, fixing the price of the house firmly and definitively, the calendar of the various payments begins, planned and described precisely in the following paragraphs. These calls for funds are governed by article R231-7 of the Construction and Housing Code: at each stage, come and see the progress of the work, before authorizing your bank to make the payment.


Payment methods before construction

Payment methods before construction

If no manufacturer can claim a sum of money before the signature of the CCMI, the professional can request a deposit, equivalent to 3% of the total price. Payment is then made to a special account, the funds of which will be frozen until all the conditions precedent of the contract have been fulfilled.

If the builder can justify a reimbursement guarantee, the CCMI can provide the following schedule: 5% upon signing, 10% upon obtaining the building permit and 15% upon the opening of the site. Otherwise, there is no payment staggering, the 15% will not be required until the start of the work. In both cases, this includes the security deposit.


CCMI’s schedule during the work

credit payment

When the work has started, the schedule for the various payments is as follows:

  • 25% upon completion of the foundations (mounting of the foundations, construction of the slab, etc.)
  • 40% upon completion of the walls (masonry work for a support or load-bearing function)
  • 60% when put out of water (the installation of the roof, but not necessarily that of the gutters!)
  • 75% on venting (installation of windows, doors and interior partitions)
  • 95% upon completion of the equipment work (plumbing, carpentry and heating).

Important: at each stage, it is essential to come and see the progress of the work on site. In case of reserve or non-completion of the planned stage, wait until the progress is as desired, before proceeding to the settlement of the call for funds in question.


Payment of the balance at the end of the work

credit Payment

Upon receipt of the work, only the remaining 5% of the overall construction cost remains to be paid.

Technically, this last payment is made only after the visit of the client (the client) and the professional and that in the absence of reservations on the built house. Without professional assistance, the balance must be paid within 8 days of receipt of the accommodation. Time to report, if necessary, unreported apparent defects.

If, at this stage, reservations are made, the balance is traditionally recorded in a special balance until their withdrawal.

It is only upon receipt of the work that the various guarantees provided and detailed in the CCMI begin: the delivery guarantee, apparent defects, reimbursement guarantee and damage guarantee.